AMF Role in the Investment Process

AMF will use its extensive network of relationships to secure projects from various Govt. /Private Public entities and work in tandem with investors and bankers/financial institutions to raise funding (equity/debt) for the projects. AMF will be primarily responsible for the following key tasks in its investment initiative .

AMF has existing relationships with various Govt. agencies and private clients which will provide exclusive access to key deals.

AMF conduct the detailed feasibility analysis using internal and external resources of the AMF. 3rd party validations (Technical, Commercial and Legal) and due diligence will be completed before selection of the Project.

If the feasibility report is favourable, AMF will structure the entire transaction which will mitigate the risks and enhance the returns.

Execution Partner Tie-up:
AMF will appoint Strategic Implementation Partners to manage the local resources, logistics, liasoning and contractual work. AMF will ensure adequate check and balances and put in place a very robust incentive system to reward the performance of the contractors. AMF will sign agreements with the Govt. for Public Private Partnership and with Private Clients through Project SPVs.

Financial Closure:
AMF will ensure that each Project SPV achieves financial closure before the commencement of the work. This will ensure that the Projects will not be hindered once the work starts for lack of funding. All contractual agreements will be put in place before the commencement of work.

Role of AMF

Investment and Project Management:
AMF along with their Strategic Implementation Partner put in place a robust and comprehensive project management framework to continuously monitor the progress. This ensure timely interventions to make necessary changes in the implementation plan and to maintain the tight deliver schedules. AMF is also be responsible for the regular monitoring and reporting of project progress, funds utilization and financial information on regular intervals

Exit/Profit Repatriation:
AMF & AAMCL will play a active role in exiting the investments through various routes such as secondary sale, listing or through repatriation of profits on completion of the projects.

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