Message from Chairperson

Prof. SunielOn behalf of the Ascent Mutual Fund Ltd team, our Board and Partners, I would like to welcome you to our global website. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how we can be of great assistance to you. The website is designed to provide you with information about us and the products and services we offer.

The Mutual Fund industry has shown a clear surge in Asset Under Management (AUM). A healthy trend is the substantial increase in retail investors through Profitable Investment Plans (PIPs). Riding the wave of positivity, Ascent Asset Management Co. Ltd,(AAMCL) has seen good traction and will try it for better return in future. The company has launched several new products, increased distribution width and partner engagement, pushed for technological innovations to better service and has been hiring key talent. AMF Alternatives, Ascent Asset management Co. Ltd (AAMCL) has been very active in terms of managing investments, as also exiting projects of its prior investments resulting in good returns. The company has raised funds for the verticals like, Maritime, Affordable housing, Agri, Renewable energy, Metals & Mining, Media & Entertainment, healthcare, Software & technology, education & skill development and Infrastructures.

Our goal is to be able to discover and deliver solutions that are time tested, proven and work in the best interest of the person’s objectives. No discovery is valid, unless it yields the same result each time it is tested under the same conditions.

We welcome your suggestions for improvements in our service at all times and assure you that due weight will be given to any feedback from your side. In our organization each member, client, shareholder, investor, business partner and employee is an equal participant in its progress and nobody is left behind in our march towards excellence.

We look forward to having the opportunity to grow together.

Prof. Suniel

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